Friday, October 7, 2011

Love Fest!

I went to see the Vienna Art and Design Exhibition at the NGV!!! OH MY GOODNESS LOVE LOVE LOVE EVERYTHING! So interesting so amazing, ground breaking genius work. I couldn’t quite believe that I was actually seeing Klimts work in the flesh there are no words. He just appeals to me on so many levels from fine artist to Graphic Designer.

So we stayed here (The Mecure), very nice.

october 2011 001

This is the day time view

  october 2011 027

This is the night time view.

october 2011 023

Tea at Fed Square and a walk along the Yarra.

october 2011 008

october 2011 012

The next day was the exhibition!!!!!!!

october 2011 032

Klimt you amazing genius you.

october 2011 033 

A big thank you to our guide who did an extraordinary job of fleshing out all the interesting details and stories behind the works and giving us the background history, very informative and enthusiastic, well done.

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Renea said...

Kylie, your blog is lovely - I especially love the header with the fox. I found you through fine & sunny's blog. I too live in Mildura and have a blog. I will continue to pop by.