Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Crafting For Pamper Day Finished! YAYAYAY! (plus a giveaway)

Pamper Day is close at hand, this Sunday in fact so if your local and are looking for some crafting, cakes, coffee, kids activities, party plan professionals or gift buying you will be in the right place!

On a more personal level…

NOTE: Crafting is hazardous to the cleanliness of your house.

As you can see, this is the not so pretty side of the creative process but all is for a good cause as we raise money to help Amanda.

Caravan_craft 001

I haven’t been able to see the surface of my kitchen table all week so eating in the lounge room has been tolerated…

Caravan_craft 010 copy

Out in my caravan things are not much better but at least I can close the door on the whole drama and forget it exists.

I have had to run numerous rescue missions for articles that have been pilfered by the thief that calls herself my dog!!!!! I resorted to barricading myself in to which she just up and jumped over said barricade, and nagged me to give up the sewing game and play ball instead.

I have to admit, I don’t think mass producing stuff is my thing. It’s all a bit to repetitive and tedious, makes me all tense and edgy. I much prefer the one off item for family and friends and sticking to the design process, much more fun.

But now for the tiring/stressful satisfying results….


Caravan_craft 003

I have made tote bags, notebooks and printed out some of my artwork.

Caravan_craft 004

There are about 12 different notebooks and three different tote bag designs and 6 different prints.

Caravan_craft 007 Caravan_craft 011

Caravan_craft 005

I have done a series of 20 page blank notebooks “Things to do Today” as seen above below is a better view of what they say.

Things to do today_net Things to do today_net

Things to do today Things to do today_nap I personally am a pretty avid fan of lists, but there are days when all of the above is applicable.

I have also made a 2400mm high photo op board, ( you know the ones you put your face in and get your photo taken?) with this design on it. 

Bloom where your planted

Now for the giveaway. I have one ‘Things to do Today’ notebook to give away, your choice of colour and list, plus a 4 x 6 print of those that can be seen in the above pics. Just make a comment and let me know what one you prefer and I will make a random draw next Friday.

Now I just need to find somewhere quiet and have a little lay down!


Maxabella said...

Your work is so fantastic! I hope the pamper day goes brilliantly.

I hate cleaning up after crafting too! x

Karen Sagovac said...

Love your work! Love your style! :)

Karen Sagovac said...

Love the purple note book and the girl with black glasses print. Purple is my favourite colour (apart from red, green, yellow, black...) and I LOVE thick black glasses... so these would be my preference. Thanks so much for the giveaway offer - look forward to receiving them! (Will email postal details)