Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Illustration Friday_Stripes!

Zebra_stripes copy 

It’s been an absolute age since doing IF and I was determined to get back to challenging myself and keeping my illustration skills growing.

I heard a very interesting piece of advise the other day on the subject of moving towards your goals. Basically what was suggested was that instead of making TO DO lists we should make NOT TO DO.

It kind of got me thinking of the habits that I have that stop me from achieving the goals I want, for example doing more illustration, and promoting myself as an illustrator. So my not to do list is:

1. Not check my email more than once a day

2. Not let people side track me when I have set aside time for illustration. (People tend to think because I’m home that I’m not working)

3. Not think of my illustration as secondary to my day job.

This is a start anyway I will see how it goes.


Leen’s said...

Oh, so cute. Nice work. Great idea, your NOT TO DO list.

Karen Sagovac said...

Absolutey agree with you re NOT TO DO list - great idea! And love your zebras having tea - what would we do without tea?!

Sarah said...

Excellent illustration!! I love your zebras and the tea cups! :)

resa said...

Fantastic illo! Too cute for words.

I like this idea of a not to do list (though I might have withdrawals if I forced myself to just check my email once a day!) though I don't think I could give up regular to-do lists. Ticking off boxes is just so satisfying. Still, I may have to incorporate it in the daily to-do.

Cindy D. said...

Adorable zebras. I love how the stripes on the right one are kind of iridescent. And tea is the universal communicator. (Well, I just made that up but it sounds good!) Very cute painting.

Oh my gosh, I can't even imagine the once-a-day email checking - and I'm someone with no Facebook or cell phone! But it's excellent any time we take strides to make time for art.

caela said...

awww this is adorable :) i love how there both zebras but have a different look :) Great illustration and awesome blog header :D you have a really nice style.

Ana said...

I love your zebras :)
I agree with your list, specially number two, it's very difficult for other people to understand I'm working when I'm at home.

Genna Byrne said...

lovely illustration....time for tea me thinks! :)