Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Christmas catch up…

11th December 2011 Fryers Town Eco Village

We gathered under the oaks…


…beside the lake…


…to witness the joining of two beautiful souls in wedlock…

14th Dec Mildura


My beautiful daughter turned 14 and celebrated with friends and family at the local Fasta Pasta. She even let me do her hair!!!!

18th December Mildura

Wildly trying to finish off presents for teachers, tins of biscuits with handmade tin wraps which read “Thanks for making me wiser” ….


…and a couple of Christmas presents commissions for friends.


The tree was done for a special Aunty who reminds everyone what a perceptive and wonderful woman she is, I’m not sure if you can see all that well but some of the leaves are folded in half the glued so they sit up from the page.


I have done quite a few of these butterflies now. My clever husband has started making custom shadow boxes  for them which is so much easier than going to the framers.


and if that isn’t enough to be doing then there is other a few other projects like revamping old shelves from this….


to this…


22nd Dec Mildura


The youngest (blondie in the middle) sneakily forgot to tell us he has joined a singing group at school and I only found out at the concert! He has a beautiful voice too (that I did know).

23rd Dec

Posing for the family pic, (come on muuuum!!), watching some Jamie Oliver on TV….IMG_4538

…then early present opening…let the games begin!


25th December Berri South Australia


Unfortunately my husband had to work Christmas eve so I drove myself and the two youngest kids off to Berri South Australia about 1.5 hrs away, on the Saturday before Christmas, and the oldest stayed behind so he could drive the next day while Norman slept.

We spent Christmas with my mum, brother, step dad, Aunty, Uncle and cousins. The rest of my clan (including the dog) arrived just before lunch.

We stayed at a beautiful caravan park right on the river and enjoyed getting up early to catch the sunrise and the sound of cocky’s in the trees.

Now I feel like I’m officially on Holidays YAYAYAYAY. I have a list as long as my arm of projects I want to complete, so exciting to actually have the time to just slow down and enjoy creating instead of squeezing it in around all the ‘have too’s’.

So that’s the Christmas catch up. Now looking forward to a great new year!