Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012 Veggie Garden Project

After shovelling a trailer load of stinky cow manure and dirt into my veggie boxes made from recycled edging, I had to solve my dog problem. Tilly the destructor dog loves to chew, dig and generally destroy anything she can get her teeth on. (This has included trees, bicycle seats, shoes, trampoline mats, pegs, clothes left on the line etc. etc.) Lawson the Little follows her around and is not quite as destructive but had me dry retching as he munched on cow poo, lovely!

april12012 004

april12012 006

So after fossicking around our wood pile I found some old timber I could use for fence posts and chicken wire. The gate was the next issue but I quite like my solution of using an old bed end that has been languishing in the shed for a number of years.

april12012 005

The project continues today with welding hinges on so I can swing it properly and keep Tilly out. Unfortunately as you can see by the red sky we had a dust storm and during the night the gate I had propped up blew over and my poor geranium suffered dog harassment. NOT HAPPY!

Naughty Dog 

A large part of yesterday was installing an irrigation system, also designed with destructor dog in mind, up off the ground.

april12012 008

Finally planting lovely winter veggies like Broccoli, Cauliflower, Rainbow Spinach, Peas and Snow Peas.

april12012 010

These lovely tins are called locally ‘Dip Tins’. They used to be used when picking grapes. The holes allowed the tins to be dipped in drying chemicals before putting on racks for creating dried fruit, mainly sultanas, raisins and currents. Plastic buckets are now used  which aren't quite so rustic and lovely but I suppose a lot more practical and light.

These dip tins I get from my Aunty who has stacks just rusting away up the back of her property. They are a really cute way of extending my garden beds and I am even going to fill my fence with them and grow trailing things like strawberries and cherry tomatoes in them. You can see two that I have hanging from the top of the fence above. Can’t wait till we start sampling out own produce!

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Tania said...

Hi Kylie, just catching up on your recent posts. I am so envious of your dip tins, just perfect for a small garden. I too am about to embark on cleaning up my currently-rather-messy small garden and start planting a few vegies and things. I love your new illustrations - just gorgeous! With warmest regards