Saturday, November 17, 2012

paper + cake….Pop Up Shop Event!

Guess What???? Our event has appeared in the paper today! The lovely Tamara Fogarty has been showing off all the wonderful things that will be on offer at  ‘paper + cake’ for our Pop Up Shopping Event.

Wednesday November 21 from 5pm to 8pm, 69 Deakin Avenue

Can you believe there are only 37 more days until if your looking for that unique personal gift come and have a look at what will be on offer!

You can see my ‘Hello Sunshine’ 5x7 3D Print being held in Tamara’s hand…this is very exciting!


Monday, November 12, 2012


I have been making some 10cmx10cm collage blocks using some of my prints at mini size and some beautiful vintage books and record covers rescued from the rubbish and have been selling these at the markets for $10. It’s a lot of fun finding the words to make a special message on them, sometimes it’s a bit nonsensical but that’s ok that would certainly suit some people I know!
I want to do a few more with children in mind and using children’s books…so many ideas so little time!

10x10 02310x10 024 

 10x10 027 10x10 029

10x10 028 10x10 026

10x10 030 10x10 031     10x10 03710x10 03410x10 03510x10 03310x10 038 10x10 036

Two Owls Are Better Than One

New additions to my 3D paper cut family!

10x10 01710x10 018

10x10 020

Framed in white shadow boxes 5x7 $35

Sunday, November 11, 2012

My First Market!

Well what a day, there was a certain amount of stress and panic getting set up at the start but the Henderson College 'Sunday Funday' was great! Lots of people came through and it was lovely to talk to so many new people and I also had some nice feedback and sales.  I also had a little bit of time to start planning some new prints, such fun.

It's so nice to see all the planning and effort become a reality, when you are doing what you love it really can't be considered work at all. My biggest problem is getting a chance to get the millions of ideas for prints I have recorded quickly enough and then time to see them blossom into the final many ideas so little time...

Here are some examples that were on sale…

OneRedFox_FairyFaye OneRedFox_FairyFaye_Detail

Fairy Dancer 5x7


OneRedFox_ProductShots 059 OneRedFox_CleoDetailCrimson

Cleo 8x10

OneRedFox_HelloSunshine OneRedFox_LittleAngel OneRedFox_AppleLove OneRedFox_Lily

 OneRedFox_AhoyThereBlue OneRedFox_Ahoy_OrangeDetail

Hello Sunshine, Red & Gold Angel, Apples, Butterfly, Ahoy There 5x7 framed prints.

I have just started a One Red Fox Facebook site too where I will be taking orders for custom work and will post new items for sale. For more examples you can just follow the link!

Next week I will be at the Ampelon Gardens Gol Gol, a fundraising event for Sunraysia Postnatal Depression Support Network Inc. on Sunday November 18th. Come and enjoy the day. Beautiful home made afternoon tea, bubbly and white wine,orange juice and water as well as tea and coffee.

Trio playing music and Irish dancers to start the day off, plus a guest speaker and her art work on display and of course wonderful stalls full of beautiful things to buy.

There will have a door prize,a raffle with lots of prizes and hopefully a silent auction.

Looking forward to another pleasant afternoon and possibly some more sales would be nice….