Monday, November 12, 2012


I have been making some 10cmx10cm collage blocks using some of my prints at mini size and some beautiful vintage books and record covers rescued from the rubbish and have been selling these at the markets for $10. It’s a lot of fun finding the words to make a special message on them, sometimes it’s a bit nonsensical but that’s ok that would certainly suit some people I know!
I want to do a few more with children in mind and using children’s books…so many ideas so little time!

10x10 02310x10 024 

 10x10 027 10x10 029

10x10 028 10x10 026

10x10 030 10x10 031     10x10 03710x10 03410x10 03510x10 03310x10 038 10x10 036

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