Saturday, January 19, 2013

IF_Ocean & IF_Myth


I think I may have just squeaked in this weeks Illustration Friday challenge ‘Ocean’. Ooops nope! This weeks challenge is now ‘Myth’ …back to the drawing board…hope no one minds ‘two for one’ this week!


Well this is cheating a little bit, but during a (slightly boring) day long course this week this little fella emerged from my pen and I realised it was the long awaited friend of a little character that I developed a couple of years ago. I have named him ‘BeBe’ for obvious reasons.

Below is the little character ‘Sprig’ I created a while ago, a little woodland pixie. I am planning to also create his sister ‘Twig’ shortly. I have sold these as cards ( I have a series of them) with a fair bit of success.

Sprig2_4x6 copy

IF_Ocean3 copy 

This kind of reflects my inner turmoil over the last couple of weeks as I face changing jobs and possibly having to put my illustration dreams on a back burner…

Time can be such an enemy at times.

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josh pincus is crying said...

Wow! You "ocean" illustration is awesome!