Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hello Bebe!


You may remember the little drawing that I doodled on the corner of my page during a particularly dull moment of a short course I did recently…


Just thought I would show you how that has come along…


this is ‘Bebe’ friend of ‘Sprig’ and one of a collection of characters that seem to be springing from my pencil at the moment. I am feeling very warm and fuzzy about them at the moment and am looking forward to making them into prints, buntings and maybe even getting them onto some bags.  

Monday, February 4, 2013

Stones and Trees


This is a favourite quote of mine to remind me to slow down and listen to what nature has to say to me.

"Stones and trees speak slowly and may take a week to get out a single sentence, and there are few men, unfortunately, with the patience to wait for an oak to finish a thought." ~ Garrison Keillor



TreeTalk_Final copy



The Wheels of time, always moving forward…spring, summer, autumn…like the phases of life.


OneRedFox_SignOff copy