Monday, May 13, 2013

Can You Dance Like a Kangaroo? Just asking…


Can you Dance like a kangarool

Created in Illustrator and Photoshop.

Growing up I had the privilege of having access to, and a love of the bush of Australia. My dad was a boy from the bush and he knew heaps about the flora and fauna that lived there. I grew up with the typical array of pets like dogs and cats, rabbits, budgies, the less usual goats and horses and the down right uncommon echidna (which just burrowed its way out of the backyard and went bush) or owl or lizard or snake, and I spent my younger years with a baby kangaroo that had been orphaned.

As she (Skippy, original huh?) grew bigger we would watch her ‘box’ the washing and pantyhose on the line leaning back on her massively strong tail and kicking with her back legs. When we moved into town we of course couldn’t keep her so she moved to a fauna garden and had her own joey or two.

This was back in the late Seventies when it wasn’t unlawful to have native animals as pets. We have progressed now of course and would never encourage animals being taken from their environment,these days I am very happy just to observe and appreciate from afar.

Sunday, May 5, 2013



One small step towards doing this thing called illustration in the real world and hopefully making it my full time work. Promotional postcard…

If anyone would like to share any tips and tricks about how they get there illustrations in the right hands I would love to hear about it!

Now the sun is out and shining bright on this beautiful Sunday afternoon and I think I need to go and soak up some rays and relax away from the computer for a bit.

Be Gentle


A little something on a Saturday night.
Have started to play around with creating patterns in Illustrator. It’s a bit fun really.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Be Kind



Be Kind

‘Be Kind’ Gauche and paper on Magnani Pescia with digital collage.

It has been a long, hard couple of months but I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Not only that I have learned some really valuable life lessons, the top one being not living true to yourself is like a living death (I know , it sounds very dramatic). The other one being that trying to please everyone is impossible and just plain dumb.

So the story goes, I got offered a job working part time for a magazine as well as still working for the design studio I have been employed at for the past four years. Yay! I say to myself some more money would be really handy and how cool that I was head hunted for the position….yeah really great, so rushing headlong I start my new position and then quickly realise
1. I don’t really like working in advertising (which is basically what I was doing) and
2. I am now working full time and I can no longer find time to do my Illustration! Aww crap!

Time is a limited resource and if your not spending it doing what you love to do at least some of the time, or working towards the day when you are doing it most of the time, then you need to change pronto.

So I did. I gave notice and now I spend the two days that I was working at the Mag doing what I love. Illustrating and doing what it takes to move towards the day when I do this for a living.

I am finally owning it and letting myself believe in myself and truly respecting my work and what I do. I think I have allowed myself to be subtly influenced into feeling that what I do isn’t valid or ‘real’ work, but I flatly refuse to allow that anymore. I am an artist and illustrator, that’s it!