Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My First Book!

It has been so long since I have posted here, life has been extremely busy to say the least. However, I have some exciting news…the children’s book that I have illustrated is now in print, WHOOT!

It’s title is ‘Stop! I Don’t Like That!’ written by Kerene Wheelan. It is an education resource book to teach kids that it is okay to say stop if someone is doing something they don’t like, and to seek out adult help to feel safe again.

Whether it’s grandma with her sloppy kisses or your big brother yelling at you it’s okay to say you don’t like what someone is doing or how someone is behaving.




This has been a very exciting step for me and I have already begun another project working on a colouring book as a resource to accompany another story. It’s so wonderful to be working on my own projects and doing what I love.

I have also been working with a great bunch of ladies as they establish a very successful Pop Up Shop enterprise. I have developed their logo and have created posters for advertising their events.


PopUpShop_Spring2014_A4PopUpShopSummer_FinalPosterA4_2013Print PopUpShop_Poster_A3

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