Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sweet Poison

Quite often words and music inspire the illustrations I do. It might be just a throwaway line or a single word, in this case 'Candy'. Candy is more of an American phrase, we in Australia call sweets, particularly hard candy, lollies.

As a diabetic these are a definite no no for me but it always amazes and concerns me how much hidden sugar is contained in 'regular' food. More so how much is directed at children especially now we are more aware of the toxic inflammatory effects of sugar on our bodies and the addictive nature of its response on our brains.

The epidemic of diet related poor health and weight issues, of which I'm a victim, is tragic and so unnecessary. But if you even take a passing glance at the food labels it's pretty clear why!

Since becoming a Paleo eater I can't testify to the difference living clean living makes to mind body and spirit. I have been able to loose weight, my blood sugar levels have normalised to the point I no longer need medication and my brain clarity and moods have improved beyond anything I could have believed. It's that old thing, you don't know how bad it was until you feel so much better!

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