Monday, March 2, 2015

The other side of the rainbow

Photo credit Sparkle of Lilac

I don’t know why, but sometimes achieving a dream really sucks. Sometimes what you were trying to achieve turns out not to really be what you wanted at all. 

Over the past few years I have had a few goals like getting my Degree and following a career in Graphic Design, all of which I have achieved. Great, awesome, all done. But it’s been a tad disappointing to tell the truth. So am I just whingeing and ungrateful? Maybe…

My job has kind of stalled, there is no real advancement possible and opportunities where I live are limited. A lot of what I do at work is creatively restrictive and tends to revolve around adverts, annual reports and document design, cue large yawn. I have seriously nearly face planted my desk on a number of occasions as brain fog descends and sleep envelops while choosing the perfect location for a door mat!

My job gives me just enough to make it impossible to let it go without financial worry but the downside is creative soul atrophy. Sometimes I think working in a totally different field would at least leave my creative head space alone.

What to do? I have a few ideas.

One, I'm planning a trip to Kathmandu.

I am going to totally step out of every single comfort zone I have and challenge myself to do something radical and different. It’s not related to creating anything just widening my horizons and blasting away at complacency.

Secondly, I’m creating new material for my portfolio, and blog. Things I'm interested in and that I enjoy.
Thirdly, I’m going to get an agent.

I think this one is about really starting to take what I do seriously. It’s not a hobby, it’s not an option. What I do is as necessary to me as eating, and eating is something I do quite regularly, not every so often!

Is this all just dream chasing yet again? Maybe, but then maybe that’s what it’s all about, the chase!

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