Hello and welcome to One Red Fox. My other name is Kylie Knott a Graphic Designer and Illustrator living in Mildura, Australia.


I can still remember the moment when my father put a pencil in my hand and step by step showed me how to make lines on a page, and the magic of seeing those lines turn into a boat.

Since thoose small beginnings my passion has been to see more of those lines, shapes and splashes of colour emerge from both pencil and more recently computer, and experience that magic again. More than just creating an engaging image I also strive to find the narrative and unfold the story through the images I create.

While always starting with paper and pencil I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create multi layered work that incorporates mixed media and digital collage. I love experimenting with new styles and techniques and am a compulsive scanner of textures and materials to incorporate into my work.

I love creating for both children and adults and am inspired by the nostaligia of days gone by. Sometimes it's a word or a phrase that evokes an image or sometimes a vintage colour palette. Sometimes it's just the chance stroke of the pen and before I know it a brand new character has emerged into the world.

Welcome to my little corner of the illustration world, feel free to take a look around.


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