Monday, October 9, 2017

Learning Life Lessons from a jigsaw....

Well life has taken a turn as it tends to do and I find myself starting over in a new town. This of course has led to major level contemplation of the future and tends to strike at unexpected times like when doing a jigsaw puzzle. A jigsaw seems to be pretty representative of my life at the moment. So here are ten life lessons I have learned....  

1. It can be tedious, sorting things takes time
2. It looks a mess at the start but don't give up
3. Find your edges and create a framework, it's easier if you know your boundaries
4. Give yourself enough room
5. Be patient
6. Enjoy the process, even when you get frustrated
7. Details are important but don't forget the big picture
8. You will see patterns, they are clues to how it fits together
9.  Do not be afraid, you may need to try a few times before you find the right piece
10. The finished product will be beautiful

Saturday, March 18, 2017

To the moon and back

I used to say this to my kids...or, I love you for all the money in the world and a penny and ha'penny change, which is what my grandpa said to my mum and my mum to me. Who do you love to the moon and back?
Feeling nostalgic
Drawing at The Corporate Moose

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Historical Helmets...and some I designed myself

I intend to make a series of T-Shirt designs based on these gladiator helmets. It has been both fun and interesting to find out the different types of gladiators and gladiatrixs (female gladiators) and the specific weaponry and armour they would wear. There were a lot of them.

My best friend commented that she thought my helmets needed some feathers (she's fancy that way), so this one is for her.

Im inspired by Hera, who is a pretty tough cookie (so is my friend), and apparently created the peacock from Argus. The feathers symbolise the all seeing eye and represent the pure soul that cannot be corrupted. They also stand for immortality and resurrection, which as a gladiator you might kinda like!

Gladiator helmet side view...

The Gladius, specifically the Pompeii gladius was the popular short sword for the Roman foot soldier. Gladius is Latin for sword. The Dimachaeri gladiator used two swords one in each hand.

I've always been fascinated by ancient history ever since discovering an ancient encyclopedia with pictures of Pompeii. I studied ancient mythology and Roman history at school. Not so keen on the battles and dates but the stories of people engaged me totally. Still love to read mythology.

Gladiator/Gladiatrix series. Really enjoying these fantastic helmets. This one was copper and had that lovely verdigris happening. I've added the battle scars though.

So apparently a female gladiator is called a Gladiatrix, there are not many on record but they are spoken of in history books and archaeological evidence has also been found. Apparently one of the Roman emperors outlawed it.

Thinking about gladiators...researching, who knew there were so many types??? Why gladiators? Sparked from looking at my scars...

Feeling Fiesty...Fish Flow No!

Pardon the language but, NO!

Just keep drawing, just keep drawing